Art Studio

115kr-campbell-studio-03When people are asking about our homes and custom options, we tell them that our plans are just a starting point to give them ideas.  The Campbells took us at our word, flipped the rooms around and put in a completely different room!

Brenda had studied art for two years in college, before switching and finishing school with a business degree.  However, she never lost her love for art and wanted to design a custom art studio.  Given her range of creative interests, from digital scrapbooking, to handmade cards, papercrafts, and mixed media art, she needed a place to store her supplies.  Plus, she wanted to be able to share her love of art with other people!  She had started her own company and was looking to be able to offer workshops from her home.   Working closely with our designer and in house drafter, she was able to design an amazing studio that includes the storage she needed, a sink for cleaning painting materials, and lots of natural light.



Now she runs her company, Angel Whispers Art, from this studio.   Her website has examples of her fun and whimsical cards, beautiful photography, and digital scrapbooking, along with how to contact her if you are interested in any of her creations.  You can also follow her blog  and like her Facebook page to see what she is currently working on and what workshops she has coming up!115kr-campbell-studio-04


From the stunning red countertop, with a matching faucet, to the double glass doors where you enter from the courtyard, windows along three of the walls, and more, this room came together beautifully.  Two ceiling fans keep the air moving to keep the room an even temperature.  And the frosted glass doors keep the studio separate from the rest of the house.


We really look forward to keeping up with Brenda’s art projects and taking part in some of her workshops.  Thank you for trusting us to build your home and your studio!