Iguana House

Iguana Home - Back Yard

October 17, 2016

Iguana House - Kitchen Before & After
One month makes a difference!  Top photo: Sept 15th.  Bottom photo: Oct. 15th.


What a difference a month makes! There are a few minor finishing touches that need to be done, but the Iguana House is just about ready for move in.  We are so excited to have worked with this wonderful couple to give them the home they have been dreaming about.  Not only did they pick the floor plan that best fit their needs, they also picked the land they wanted to build on.  This house is what we call an “Offsite” house, which means that it is not located in one of our subdivisions in Sierra Vista or Hereford.  Instead, the homeowners had land in the area that they wanted to build on, and we were more than willing to help put their dream house in their dream location!  If you have land that you would like to build on, please contact us!



Iguana House - Kitchen
From the granite countertops to the stainless steel appliances, to the maple cabinets, to the tile backsplash, this kitchen came together beautifully.
You can see the openings for the iguanas to come outside and enjoy the warm Arizona sun.
The four small openings in the side here are where the iguanas can come outside to enjoy the warm Arizona sun.

September 19, 2016

The Iguana House is coming along well!   Iguana House Living & Kitchen 9-15-16Progress continues on the Iguana House!  It is now past the lathe stage and is ready for the next part of the exterior stucco to be applied.  The windows and the sliding glass door are all installed.  The interior has seen some great progress also.  The house now has drywall in the living areas and it is amazing to watch the house start to look like a home!  The vaulted ceilings and kitchen island with a breakfast bar area built into it are both standard for this plan.

September 2, 2016

Iguana House Pet Room


The pet room is coming along.  The indent in the floor is where the in floor heating for the pet stalls will be going.  Pet doors, which will be installed later, will allow the iguanas to go outside when they want too.  There is also a drain in the floor to make cleaning the area easier.  The large space in the wall in the back will be a door to allow Michelle to go into the outdoor area set aside for the iguanas.



August 25, 2016

Front view of the Iguana House.

The Iguana House is coming along nicely!  The window on the right will allow natural lighting into the Iguana Room, in addition to the specialized lights for the Iguanas.  It is amazing to see how quickly a house comes together after the framing is complete.  With the lathe on the outside, getting ready for the stucco to be applied, it really starts looking like a house!

The roof tiles are sitting on the roof, ready to be installed.  Have you ever wondered why the roof tiles sit on a roof for so long before being installed?  The roof tiles are put up on the roof early on because of how much they weigh.  This gives the house a chance to settle.  If you wait until after the drywall is installed before putting the roof tiles on, chances are that you will get some cracking in the drywall.  Besides having the tile put on early, we also use colored through tile.  Colored through tile is exactly what it sounds like, roof tiles that have their color running all the way through them.  Many kinds of roof tile only have color on the top part, and when there is a hail storm or something damages the tile, you can start seeing grey pock marks.  With the color through tile, you do not have to worry about any unsightly grey spots showing up on the roof!

Keep checking back as we continue to follow the progress on this house.  We are excited to see the Iguana Room start coming together!

July 28, 2016

The framing on the Iguana Home is coming along!
The Iguana Home is coming along nicely! The window on the right will look into the Iguana Wing.

While we have many different floor plans for you to choose from, we really view them as just a starting point to give you ideas.  The floor plans we offer have the basics that everyone needs, but some customers are looking for something a little more customized than others.  We specialize in working with them to create the house that they want, at a price they can afford.  One of the houses we are building right now has us very excited.  We call are calling it The Lizard House, although it would more accurate to call it “The Iguana House”.  While there are other custom options in the home, the biggest one is the Iguana Wing, named that by the homeowner.  We asked her to tell us a little bit more about her Iguanas, and the room that we helped her design for them:

Igglaruu, one of the Green Iguana rescues.
Meet Igglaruu, one of the Green Iguana rescues!

“Green Iguanas are one of the most proliferate lizards in the exotic pet trade.  As babies they are adorable tiny little green herbivorous lizards that sell for about $10.  Most unsuspecting customers do not realize that they can reach lengths of 6 feet and become quite aggressive and dangerous as pets.  Because of this, they are some of the most abused and neglected lizards in the market.  I have had the pleasure of adopting and rehabilitating 2 of them that came from some of the most horrendous conditions I have ever seen.  I also have 2 hybrid Cyclura Lewisi, also a large lizard in the Iguanidae family.  While they are not abused all Cyclura’s are listed as endangered.  In fact sadly we have already lost one species to extinction.  There were literally only a handful of Lewisi’s left on the Cayman Islands.  Through the efforts of the Blue Iguana Recovery Program there are now over 1,000 and we hope to continue that growth of these majestic creatures so that future generations can enjoy their beauty and grace.

Boo Boo, one of the hybrid Cyclura Lewisi.
This is Boo Boo, one of the hybrid Cyclura Lewisi.

I would like to thank R. L. Workman Homes, LLC, for making a dream I had into a reality.  I walked into their office with a crazy idea, and was greeted with, “we can do anything”.  They worked side by side with me to create an indoor/ outdoor caging system that is attached to our custom built home.  This “Iguana Wing” as I like to refer to it has all the amenities needed to meet the very specific needs of my exotic pets.  Even suggesting unconventional building materials to ensure that this area will stand the test of time and last life times beyond us.   From individual enclosures, extensive lighting, thermostat controlled heated floors with individual sensors, drainage, a washing station and a food prep station, their attention to detail with our design was incredible.  Best of all, this idea we had is affordable to complete.  I watch daily as our dream is completed and cannot wait for the day we get to move in.”

Please follow along as we build the Iguana Wing for these beautiful creatures!