Rooftop Balcony


There are many different ways to customize your home.  From choosing your flooring, the look of your kitchen, and exterior house colors, to changing the layout of the rooms in the house or adding something completely new!  One of our home buyers decided that they wanted a balcony to enjoy the beautiful view from their property, and to look at the stars at night.  Because they had chosen a one story house, they had a rooftop balcony added onto their house.




When a change this big is incorporated into one of our plans, we send the blueprints to the independent engineering company that engineers all of our house plans to ensure that everything will be structurally sound.

The stairs up to the balcony came out beautifully.  Bolted to a concrete pad and fabricated out of metal, they are solid and secure.





The homeowners told us that they enjoy watching monsoons roll over the valley from their balcony.  While there were no monsoon storms when we went to take the photos, the view of the mountains is beautiful!